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Despite already having established a solid career in Cosmetology, Lydia Zaslow still made the life-changing decision to go back to school and obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at no less than the Oregon State University. Ms. Zaslow was regularly cited as a Dean’s list member, which demonstrated her commitment to the successful completion of her studies notwithstanding that she’d already proven a huge asset to the Cosmetology industry when she went back to school. Clearly, Lydia had it in her to do more in order to leverage the many opportunities that came her way. What drives Lydia Zaslow to do what she can as a woman for fellow women has a lot in connection with her sincere objective to raise women empowerment to a higher level. Deeply passionate about global issues that have an impact on women, Lydia aims constantly to remain a strong change agent to inspire all women to face the challenges they need to every day of their lives.  Lydia Zaslow is passionate about plenty of complex issues facing the women of today including lack of access to health care; extreme violence; limitations on freedom; and lack of education and leadership opportunities.  When she attended the Oregon State University, Lydia Zaslow focused on the following areas of study: global women's social justice movement; combatting systemic violence against women; and increasing women's voices in environmental leadership. Lydia Zaslow has accumulated a significant amount of work and life experience having to do with the issues facing the women of today. She established and served as president of a non-profit organization dedicated to women's religious equality and leadership. Moreover, Lydia conducted workshops and multi-day conferences, researched and developed teaching and marketing materials, and mentored aspiring women leaders. In addition, Lydia Zaslow is also fascinated with African and Jewish studies.  

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